Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea has been used for thousands of years in folklore as a means of assisting in the health of people with ailments, it is NOT a substitute for prescribed medicines but in some circumstances can help certain ailments in certain people. By drinking 1 – 2 cups a day but no more than 3, making this in the traditional way by steeping tea bags, or Loose-Leaf tea in hot water for around 10 minutes.

Chamomile Flowers are native to Asia, where they are known as Babune ka Phal in Hindi, Europe, Australia and North America and are harvested during the early summer months to get the best quality flowers, these are then dried to put into and produce an amazing tea.

The health benefits that the tea can assist with are wide ranging, not only in the ailments it could help, but also in the different people and age ranges also, in one word the Chamomile Tea ‘s Health Benefits are numerous.

One huge benefit to drinking Chamomile Tea is to help the body relax, it can create a positive effect on the nervous system, which helps to reduce anxiety, and helps to promote better sleep, this is done by the make-up and contents of the herbs, which include apigenin and luteolin. If you have restless nights or keep waking with anxiety, then perhaps you need to think about having a nice warming cup of Chamomile Tea before bedtime.

Many skin problems can be assisted by the use of drinking Chamomile Tea it can treat cuts and wounds, used many years ago by the Romans, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the plant Matricaria chamomilla, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which soothes the skin. Because of these properties it can also be used to treat sunburn, just make a cup of tea, let it cool soak it in a towel or similar and apply to the sunburn.

For the beauticians amongst you, or just the pure vain, Chamomile tea can have a very positive effect on you skin, it can help to reduce acne, due to the inflammatory and antiseptic properties, reduce dark lines under the eyes, never throw away a Chamomile Teabag, let it dry out, put it in the fried overnight, and then place on your eyes to reduce those lines.

Anti-ageing and lightening the skin, all this from a cup of tea. The reasons for this is down to the antioxidants in the tea, it can help to accelerate cell and tissue regeneration, which in turn helps tighten the pores and slows down the ageing process.

As Chamomile Tea is an excellent relaxant it can also relax the digestive system, therefore reducing the pain of stomach cramps, flatulence, indigestion and diarrhea.

People interested in trying chamomile tea should use it as a supplement to, and not a replacement for their usual medication regimen. In regular doses, such as 1 to 2 cups a day, it is possible to see incremental health improvements. It is important that you take note of this if in doubt in trying some of these remedies, it is always advisable to seek Professional Medical Advice.

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